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Metal is not naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Help it last for years to come with our metal finishing services.

Products made from various metals that we use in our daily lives would last only a fraction

of their current lifespan if not for the process of metal finishing. This process protects metal from corrosion and wear, and even provides a decorative appearance.


Metal finishing offers:


 -  Corrosion, tarnish, chemical, and wear resistance

 -  Electrical conductivity

 -  Increased solderability

 -  Ability to bond to rubber


We also offer a Phosphate Coating Process, which is a pretreatment done prior to coating or painting. It increases corrosion protection and improves the function of moving components.

In addition, we can also provide Iridite services. This process produces a protective chromate conversion film on aluminum and aluminum alloys, increasing their lifespan.

Clear and Yellow Iriditing

Contact us today for more information on our metal finishing services.


For more information on the metal finishing services we offer, contact us today. We have decades of experience and promise you'll love the results we'll provide you.

Ensure your metals last for years.

Metal finishing guarantees your metal surface will last through corrosion and wear.

Process of metal finishing