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For the highest engine performance, use a thermal barrier coating for maximum heat protection up to 2,000 degrees.

Thermal barrier coatings are designed to protect metal structural components from extreme elevated temperatures, often times in an engine area. It reduces stress and pressure on the part it's applied to, and increases the part’s lifespan.


Every coating consists of four distinct layers, each contributing to the strength and protection the thermal barrier provides. The benefits include:


 -  Increased lifespan of the part that's treated

 -  Protection from oxidation and hot corrosion

 -  Guaranteed up to 2,000 degrees


This process can be applied to both air and land-based gas turbine engine parts, and will offer performance benefits as well as parts that last much longer.

When you want your engine to run its best and last for years to come, a thermal barrier coating can offer you these and many other benefits.  

Get the most out of your engine.

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The best engine heat management offered.

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Heat protected engine