Superior sandblasting IN BOONSBORO, MD

High Tech Powder Coating Also Performs Metal Finishing and More

People from Washington County, MD, and all across the surrounding area know that High Tech Powder Coating in Boonsboro, MD, is the smart choice for sandblasting and finishing services. When they call us, they always get hard work, dedication, decades of experience, and outstanding customer service. You should choose us, too.

For superior sandblasting and metal finishing, contact us today. Call us at (301) 432-7500, email us at [email protected], or contact us online.

Sandblasting is the Smart Choice for Refinishing

We are sandblasting experts at High Tech Powder Coating, and we will have your items looking as good as —  or even better than —  new. When customers turn to us, they can be sure they will receive the best results possible. Sandblasting leaves a smooth finish and a polished, shiny appearance. It is better than other options for dealing with rust or corrosion because sandblasting always gives a completely even finish.

We have been in business since 1997, and we bring those decades of experience, combined with the latest technology, to every project —  personal, commercial, or industrial. You can fully depend on High Tech Powder Coating’s sandblasting services.

Durable, Great-Looking Powder Coating Results

Powder coating is superior in every single way to paint for finishing an item, and at High Tech Powder Coating, our work is superior in every single way to our competition. We always give our customers long-lasting, incredible results. Our shop is capable of handling high-volume or short-run orders. Check out what we can do with:

We Handle Metal Finishing and Other Finishing Services, Too

Our expert team also provides the best in metal finishing. No matter the need, High Tech Powder Coating always gives our customers amazing, effective results that not only look great, but also perform great.

If our team is not satisfied with their work, we do not return the item until it exactly meets our high standards. You can always trust our finishing work at High Tech Powder Coating.