High Tech Powder Coating in Boonsboro, MD, is the Authority

A railing may seem like a relatively insignificant item, but when they start to look battered and dilapidated, they really make a difference in the appearance of a home or business. When homeowners and business owners in Frederick, MD, and Frederick County, MD, need to refinish their railings, they choose powder coating, and they choose High Tech Powder Coating in Boonsboro, MD, to do the job. We have been in business since 1997, and over that time, we have established ourselves as the powder coating authority.

Discover what we can do for railings by contacting us today. Call us at (301) 432-7500, email us at [email protected], or contact us online.

Powder Coating Makes Railings Look Terrific

Powder coating will finish a railing so much better than paint. It makes that railing better and brighter and provides a more even finish. When customers choose High Tech Powder Coating, we make their railings look great. Our team combines the most modern technology with our decades of experience.

We offer almost-limitless color options and many texture options. Personal, commercial, or even industrial, High Tech Powder Coating does it all, and our shop can handle high-volume or short-run orders. There is a reason Frederick, MD, comes to us for its railing powder coating needs. You can count on High Tech Powder Coating.

High Tech Powder Coating Means Hard Work, Great Customer Service

Customer service is another key at High Tech Powder Coating. We always set a higher standard for ourselves. We want to provide superior railing powder coating, so to the end, we will not settle for just average work. If we are not happy with the result, our customer will not see it until it is perfect.

You will love our powder coating performance. We pride ourselves on quality work, a quick turnaround, and competitive, affordable rates.

Frederick, MD, Turns to Us for Sandblasting and Metal Finishing

At High Tech Powder Coating, we expertly handle all sorts of powder coating and finishing work. Homeowners and business owners all across Frederick, MD, and Frederick County, MD, make the smart choice to come to High Tech Powder Coating every day. We proved excellent service in:

Railing powder coating

• Metal lawn furniture powder coating

Auto parts powder coating

• Motorcycle parts powder coating


• Metal finishing