Electronics Powder Coating PROFESSIONALS IN ASHBURN, VA

Ask About Electronic Powder Coating Expertise in Ashburn, VA

Located in Boonsboro, MD, the professionals at High Tech Powder Coating have served individuals in the Ashburn, VA, area since 1997. One thing that separates our electronic powder coating service from regular paint is the state-of-the-art equipment our team utilizes for every job we perform. When electronic devices lose their luster due to weathering, sun damage, or corrosion, owners can trust our electronic powder coating work.

We have a team full of experienced professionals to make sure the job gets done both quickly and properly, and we look forward to serving Ashburn residents. To learn more, give us a call today at (301) 432-7500. Clients can also contact us online to inquire about an appointment for electronic powder coating.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Colors for Electronic Powder Coating Work

When a technological device loses its aesthetic appeal due to damage, a fresh finish through powder coating can solve the issue permanently. The best part is that High Tech Powder Coating utilizes advanced color matching technology to make sure clients get the exact color and texture they want every time.

Ashburn residents have trusted our expert staff for electronic powder coating services for over two decades. Hundreds of clients have found success through our honest, accurate work and our unbeatable prices. Talk to our friendly staff today to take the first step toward professional electronic powder coating work.

High Tech Powder Coating: Proudly Serving Ashburn, VA, Since 1997

Since 1997, High Tech Powder Coating has prided ourselves on using the highest quality of products for electronic powder coating in Ashburn, VA. One of the ways we remain committed to this principle is through our use of TIGER Drylac® products for our work. These products afford our clients the highest quality for electronic powder coating jobs. Our powder coating work lasts on devices significantly longer than paint and does not corrode or suffer through weathering. To learn more about our various services, talk to one of our qualified professionals in the Ashburn area today.

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