Electronics Powder Coating SERVICE IN LEESBURG, VA

Our Professionals Assist with Electronic Powder Coating in Leesburg

In the 21st century, electronic devices play a prominent role in day-to-day life in the Leesburg, VA, area. When these devices lose their luster due to sun exposure, weather, or corrosion, there is one business that consumers trust to restore the shine. High Tech Powder Coating has provided professional electronic powder coating services for Leesburg residents for over two decades.

Our fantastic equipment and products allow us to give our clients exactly what they want when it comes to electronic powder coating. To learn more about electronic powder coating in Leesburg, VA, give us a call today. Reach us by phone at (301) 432-7500 or contact us online for more information.

Customize Colors and Texture with Electronic Powder Coating

When Leesburg, VA, residents experience damage to their electronic devices, they should not look to paint for the answer. Paint contains chemicals and can quickly deteriorate over time. For unlimited colors and textures that last longer, consider electronic powder coating for your devices. Trust the professionals at High Tech Powder Coating to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and at the best prices around. These powder coating jobs can last around five times longer than standard paints, and we always make our work available at the best prices.

Give us a call today to find out how to customize your devices through electronic powder coating.

High Tech Powder Coating Uses the Highest Quality of Products

When Leesburg, VA, choose us for electronic powder coating, they can rest assured our staff will utilize the best products available. We work with TIGER Drylac® products to make sure our customers get the high quality they deserve for every job. Our business in Boonsboro, MD, provides electronic powder coating for residents in Leesburg. We welcome individuals and businesses to experience our excellent turnaround times and competitive prices firsthand. Talk to our friendly staff today and learn about the difference effective electronic powder coating can make. We offer a variety of services to Leesburg homes and businesses, including:

Railing powder coating

• Metal lawn furniture powder coating

Auto parts powder coating

• Motorcycle parts powder coating


• Metal finishing