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High Tech Powder Coating in Boonsboro, MD, Provides High-Quality Work

Residents and business owners throughout Rockville, MD, and all of Montgomery County, MD, have depended on High Tech Powder Coating in Boonsboro, MD, since 1997 for their electronics powder coating work. Our team has decades of experience, and we pair that with the most modern technology on every project we undertake — whether it be personal, commercial, or industrial. For every customer, this means an excellent finish they can trust and enjoy for years to come.

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The Only Choice for Electronics Powder Coating

Powder coating is far superior to paint as a finishing method, and when it comes to electronics, there is no comparison. Powder coating is the only choice, and High Tech Powder Coating should be the only choice for that electronics powder coating service. We handle every job with integrity, hard work, expertise and dedication to provide great-looking, long-lasting results. Electronics, appliances, and even components, we coat it all, with an almost endless variety of color options, as well as many texture options.

Our shop is capable of handling high-volume orders or short-run orders. High Tech Powder Coating is the electronics powder coating authority for Rockville, MD.

We Completely Care About Our Customers

The customer is always first at High Tech Powder Coating. We pride ourselves on giving you quality results and a quick turnaround at affordable prices. We are not interested in merely passable work here. We have high standards, and if our work is not satisfactory, we will do it again until we get it perfect. Our customers will love the results, because they will not see it until we love the results.

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We Will Finish Whatever Rockville, MD, Starts

We can handle any powder coating or finishing need for people throughout Rockville, MD, and all of Montgomery County, MD. We are the finishing experts. Call High Tech Powder Coating today for extraordinary:

Railing powder coating

• Metal lawn furniture powder coating

Auto parts powder coating

• Motorcycle parts powder coating


• Metal finishing